A history of cheese and passion

Located in St Hubert, Québec, the company employs 38 people. Specialized in importing and distributing exclusive fine cheeses, Les Dependances supplies independents, chains stores and distributors all over Canada.

In 2001, Les Dépendances was created and built on the successful Fromages Caron formula, which concentrated on the importation of fine cheeses. From 2001 to 2015, Lucie Paulhus and Jean-Philippe Gosselin have performed the roles of creator, assembler, importer and distributor. After more than 36 years dedicated to cheese business, they handed over the company to two of their employees in order to enjoy their well-desire retirement.

Lucie Besnard, who worked as Sales Manager for 6 years and Nicolas Lenoir as Account Manager for English Canada, are taking over with the willingness to continue to grow the business while maintaining the image and identity of Les Dépendances. Lucie Paulhus and Jean-Philippe Gosselin made their decision explaining: “We choose two persons within the company so we are making sure to secure the future and respect the core values of Les Dependances.”